Every israeli resident has Health Insurance – by law. Period. Tourists and ex-pats living in Israel on a visa have to get themselves organized. Take a look at the info we put together below and feel free to contact us with your specific questions. Israel Doctor is an independent network of doctors in Israel catering to the international community.

Basic facts about treatment and health care in Israel

If you’re not registered with the israeli Health System, there’s excellent private doctors ready to treat you. Some of them accept payment by credit card, others only cash, the private clinics set up to serve tourists will also accept your insurance from abroad. Israel Doctor provides a selection of excellent doctors all over the country.

Any doctor on Israel Doctor, yes. Most of the clinics in the country are run by the big health insurance companies. These clinics don’t necessarily take private patients (meaning patients NOT insured with them). So if you’re not insured with one of the israeli insurance companies, you’re looking for a clinic or doctor that serves private patients. Israel Doctor provides a selection of highly recommended GPs and medical specialists all over the country.

If you’re registered with Bituach Leumi you can (actually: you have to) choose one of the insurers. The big ones who also own and run most clinics and hospitals are Maccabi and Clalit.

If you’re NOT registered with Bituach Leumi (not a resident), there are private insurers, but they suck. Better get an international insurance police.

Bituach Leumi is the israeli national social security. If you’re not registered with Bituach Leumi, you can’t get regular israeli health insurance. If you’re not a proper resident, you can’t register with Bituach Leumi. There are private israeli insurances, but it’s a hassle to get it.

Any more questions come up ..?

These are just the basic facts, we will be building this section as we go along. We are happy to provide information to the best of our knowing. Get in touch with us!