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Our partners at MedEx make sure you are getting the best treatment in the most efficient and shortest time possible. MedEx provides services for your maximum convenience to doctors and patients of For more complex cases, MedEx case managers work in multiple languages as facilitators and translators in all aspects involved.

Medex medical service, official partner of, is based in Tel Aviv in the center of Israel. Medex works with the leading medical institutions and thanks to many years of experience they can assist and facilitate your medical treatment. Medex can fast track appointments where appropriate and provide guidance in more complex cases.

MedEx is proud of its long history of helping and ensuring that patients receive high quality, medical treatment in Israel without having to wait.

For more information, please visit MedEx Offical Website

IsraelDoctor in German & French Media

The german weekly ‘Israel Zwischenzeilen’ picked up on our idea and presents IsraelDoctor in the latest issue (June 10) in an article talking about internationals helping out internationals in Israel.

The launch of IsraelDoctor triggered the editors of the German weekly ‘Zwischezneilen’ to report on medical and other issues, where internationals help each other out – be it in Facebook groups like ‘Secret Tel Aviv’ or with platforms like IsraelDoctor.

Read online: ‘Israel Zwischenzeilen’ on IsraelDoctor (German)

Ich hab da eine Frage – Internationals helfen Internationals

The international weekly newsletter also publishes a version in French:

Read online: IsraelDoctor in ‘Entre les lignes’ (French)

J’ai une question …

Please direct media enquiries to or contact us online.

IsraelDoctor in the News: TLV1 Radio

Shortly after the launch of in Beta, the international english language radio TLV1 in Tel Aviv picked up on our idea and featured our idea with an interview on air.

Listen to Allison from ‘So Much To Say’ chat with Sam about the idea and launch of IsraelDoctor:

Listen online: Calling a doctor in several languages –


Thanks to TLV1 for reporting – we hope to be back soon with more news from IsraelDoctor! Please direct media enquiries to or contact us online.


Introducing Israel Doctor (beta)

Welcome to Israel Doctor and! We are a team of professionals with roots in High Tech and Medical Care and we’ve been working hard to get Israel Doctor out there to you. Starting with the greater area of Gush Dan in Israel (with a focus on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), Israel Doctor is a growing network of hand-picked excellent recommended medical professionals from all fields in Israel.

The Israel Doctor Network

Medical quality and general quality of service is of course our first priority for health care professionals on the Israel Doctor network. Israel Doctor is especially designed to serve foreigners in Israel (tourists, ex-pat workers, students, medical tourists …) and provides recommendations with a focus on doctors with private clinics, offering medical consultation in English, French, Italian and other languages.

Israel Doctor Beta in Summer 2014

We launched in May 2014 while we are still working on details and building the network. We are happy to hear your thoughts and requests for the site. Please contact us, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Recommend YOUR favorite Doctor

Take a look around and please feel free to comment or recommend your doctor or specialist to us, if you have somebody we’re missing in our network. Read more about Israel Doctor: About us