Thousands of patients find excellent and affordable medical treatment in Israel every year. A wealth of agencies serving the Medical Tourism market offer full-service packages including hotels, flights and more. If you are looking to receive treatment in any medical field We are here to advise, please get in touch.

Procedures in Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Israel has a focus on advanced and complex medical procedures, i.e. in Oncology (Cancer-Treatment), Orthopedics and also Dentistry and Plastic Surgery. As we are adding specialists to our network in 2014, Israel Doctor offers a selection of private clinics serving also international patients. Get in touch with us for consulting and any questions you might encounter.

Medical Tourism Agencies

There is a wealth of agencies in the market offering full-service solutions, including transportation and lodging around treatment in Israel. While in some cases an agency’s full-service solution is needed, we at Israel Doctor offer medical support to patients incoming for treatment without the assistance of an agency. We are happy to consult and guide setting up treatment in Israel for patients from abroad.